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Ok, bad news first. No matter where you live—in cities, suburban neighborhoods, or out in the country—air pollution exists. It contains microscopic contaminants producing free radicals that strip the skin of the lipids that help it retain moisture and deflect impurities. This compromised barrier can lead to sensitivity, dryness, pigmentation issues, and premature signs of aging. The good news is that healthy skin is an efficient filter that helps prevent oxidants and contaminants from entering your skin (and your body!). Xtreme Element’s products help your skin maintain a healthy barrier

Get the Skinny on Ceramides Ceramides are a family of lipids, or fat molecules, that are naturally present in the top layers of our skin. These molecules are found in each of the four epidermal layers of the skin and they are critical for optimal skin condition. Unfortunately, as good things tend to do, their production decreases with time and age. To illustrate how they work, imagine that the structure of the outermost layer of our skin is a brick wall held in place by cement. The bricks represent the main skin

Sportswear for Your Skin As an athlete, you probably track your speed, distance, and time throughout your workout to monitor your progress. We take a lot of things into consideration throughout our training. Well, what about your skin? Nourish Your Skin From the Inside, but Protect it From the Outside Firm, healthy, nourished skin happens from the inside out—and the outside in. Sure, adequate hydration, a nutritious diet, and a proactive skincare regimen make a difference. But how many of us seriously consider protecting our skin from outside elements? As a scientist, biochemist, and nature

The Benefits of Jojoba Oil The jojoba plant is a perennial plant that grows in North America. It thrives in harsh, desert climates and produces a nut that can be made into an oil that can significantly benefit your skincare routine. It’s an Effective Humectant Jojoba attracts water to the top layer of the skin to keep it hydrated, which can help prevent conditions like acne and dandruff. Its biological make-up is similar to the sebum that your body produces naturally, so when it’s applied, your skin gets the message that it doesn’t

Your Skin Protects What’s Within Your skin is a barrier that protects the body from dirt and other impurities. When that barrier gets compromised, it can lead to increased skin sensitivity, premature signs of aging, and pigmentation issues—and those issues can result in a stressful situation for your skin! Healthy Skin Filters Impurities Out Fortunately, healthy skin can be an efficient filter to prevent oxidants and contaminants from entering to cause damage to cells. However, when skin gets dry, cracks form that allow oxidants to enter and damage the cells. This is evident

One works from the inside, and one works from the outside. Achieve the perfect balance of both hydration and moisturization with Xtreme Element. Hydration is Key to Healthy-Looking Skin Hydration is the absorption of moisture from the air and the infusion of cells with water to improve your skin’s ability to soak in moisture and nutrients. Good hydration means getting the right amount of water into your body before, during, and after exercise. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. If you aren’t hydrated, your body can’t perform at its