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The Skinny on Fats

Get the Skinny on Ceramides

Ceramides are a family of lipids, or fat molecules, that are naturally present in the top layers of our skin. These molecules are found in each of the four epidermal layers of the skin and they are critical for optimal skin condition. Unfortunately, as good things tend to do, their production decreases with time and age.

To illustrate how they work, imagine that the structure of the outermost layer of our skin is a brick wall held in place by cement. The bricks represent the main skin cells (the corneocytes), and the lipids comprise the “cement.” Of these lipids, 50% are ceramides. Without the proper ratio of ceramides, the skin’s protective barrier can be compromised—like when cracks appear in the cement between the bricks. However, a well-formulated skin care product containing ceramides or an ingredient that stimulates their production will help reduce those “cracks” in the surface, protecting our skin from damaging cold weather, dry air, pollution, etc.

You’ll Gain the Benefits With Products Combining Ceramides with Fatty Acids

In short, ceramides can:

  • Restore and reinforce our skin’s layers from the top down
  • Prevent skin from losing water
  • Improve hydration and elasticity
  • Repair and balance our skin’s hydro-lipid mantle
  • Keep skin healthier as we age
  • Fight, prevent, and improve conditions like eczema, sensitive, or irritated skin

Seek out products combining ceramides with fatty acids. Together, they boost each other’s properties and benefits, making them much more effective than if used separately. Check out clean, organic products containing jojoba, a natural oil which contains up to 96% ceramides. Xtreme Element’s Protection Cream (link to the sales web page) is perfect for helping to keep your skin’s structure pristine and safe from damaging microscopic particles.