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Ok, bad news first. No matter where you live—in cities, suburban neighborhoods, or out in the country—air pollution exists. It contains microscopic contaminants producing free radicals that strip the skin of the lipids that help it retain moisture and deflect impurities. This compromised barrier can lead to sensitivity, dryness, pigmentation issues, and premature signs of aging. The good news is that healthy skin is an efficient filter that helps prevent oxidants and contaminants from entering your skin (and your body!). Xtreme Element’s products help your skin maintain a healthy barrier

Get the Skinny on Ceramides Ceramides are a family of lipids, or fat molecules, that are naturally present in the top layers of our skin. These molecules are found in each of the four epidermal layers of the skin and they are critical for optimal skin condition. Unfortunately, as good things tend to do, their production decreases with time and age. To illustrate how they work, imagine that the structure of the outermost layer of our skin is a brick wall held in place by cement. The bricks represent the main skin