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Into The Xtreme

Whether you’re an Xtreme athlete, or just love to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, dig into our informative collection of articles to learn about the science of skincare!

  • One works from the inside, and one works from the outside. Achieve the perfect balance of both hydration and moisturization with Xtreme Element. Hydration

  • Your Skin Protects What’s Within Your skin is a barrier that protects the body from dirt and other impurities. When that barrier gets compromised,

  • The Benefits of Jojoba Oil The jojoba plant is a perennial plant that grows in North America. It thrives in harsh, desert climates and

  • Sportswear for Your Skin As an athlete, you probably track your speed, distance, and time throughout your workout to monitor your progress. We take a

  • Get the Skinny on Ceramides Ceramides are a family of lipids, or fat molecules, that are naturally present in the top layers of our

  • Ok, bad news first. No matter where you live—in cities, suburban neighborhoods, or out in the country—air pollution exists. It contains microscopic contaminants