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Skin Stress

Your Skin Protects What’s Within

Your skin is a barrier that protects the body from dirt and other impurities. When that barrier gets compromised, it can lead to increased skin sensitivity, premature signs of aging, and pigmentation issues—and those issues can result in a stressful situation for your skin!

Healthy Skin Filters Impurities Out

Fortunately, healthy skin can be an efficient filter to prevent oxidants and contaminants from entering to cause damage to cells. However, when skin gets dry, cracks form that allow oxidants to enter and damage the cells. This is evident when we study the effects of air pollution on the skin. Smog and pollution contain microscopic contaminants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which produce free radicals that strip the skin of the barrier lipids needed to retain moisture and keep out impurities.

Xtreme Element Provides the Protection Your Skin Needs

Xtreme Element products help your skin maintain a healthy barrier to protect itself against pollution because they contain raw ingredients including butters, fats, lipids, and emulsifiers that keep the damaging environmental and physical elements at bay.

As a bonus, XE products will smooth your skin’s texture and help keep it moisturized. So don’t stress—we’ve got you covered!