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Frequently Asked Questions


Why only 12 ingredients or less in every product? 

All of our products include just 12 essential ingredients or fewer. We don’t believe in “fairy dusting,” the addition of tiny amounts of many ingredients just to claim they’re included. Instead, we aim to use the most influential amount of each ingredient to maximize its potential. 



What is the Swipe cloth made of?

The 7 x 9 cloth is made of 100% plant-based fibers.  



Do all your products work together? 

All the Xtreme element products work together to create a healthy skin that has barrier lipids. XE combines ceramides with fatty acids, and together they boost each other’s properties and skin benefits, making them much more biocompatible than if used separately. Ceramides can restore and reinforce our skin’s barrier function and prevent skin from losing water, thus improving its hydration and elasticity.




Where are the ingredients from? 

We get them from USA farms that harvest GMO free ingredients.  




What is your return policy? 

We will gladly refund the full purchase price on Xtreme element products purchased through our website within 30 days of the original purchase date.  Any free product or gift received with the main order must also be returned to receive a full refund.