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Live Life Outside

The team at Xtreme Element values being in balance with the planet. As a woman-owned, environmentally-conscious skincare brand, we strive to bring revolutionary products to our customers while keeping our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.  Our formulas balance your skin’s microbiome to make it look incredible while replenishing what it loses each day when exposed to outside elements.


100% plant-based cloths infused with vitamins, revitalizing the skin while reducing the oxidative stress caused by outdoor pollutants.



Cool Muscle Gel delivers a powerful cooling sensation with this specially formulated cooling gel.



Our Jojoba Hydration Cream is packed with vitamins to give your skin what it is thirsty for.



Our serum has been formulated to help soften, smooth, and bring balance to skin tone and texture.


Road Tested By Athletes

We want you to be ready for anything throughout your daily outdoor workout routine.  Our team has spent more than a decade focusing on meeting the unique needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts with high-performance products that will become must-haves in your gear bag. You’ll want to take our essential products along with you on every outdoor adventure!


Committed To
A Greener World

Our products are all crafted with a “planet first” formulation. We invest in development and production processes that benefit both the consumer and the planet.  Xtreme Element packaging is made from recycled materials and it produces no waste. And, for every purchase, a tree is planted.